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   One Perfect Memory

As someone who remembers things in detail even years later, memory has always been central and essential in my life.
Over the years, my memories have become influential on my life path and my choices.
Every memory changes over time, details are blurred, forgotten, lost, mixed up, or replaced, and other details take on new meanings or become clearer.
As the years go by our memories are transformed, but in one way or another, they always remain and become a part of us.

Memories, like dreams, are always invisible,
but in our imagination, they are tangible and real.
They are a visit to our soul and make us who we are.
We are who we are because of the thousands of moments
in our memories.
Inspiration & style of work:
Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated with nature.
I admire nature and its perfection, flawless creations, and the incredible symmetry it holds.
Nature is my biggest inspiration, and it provides me with many ideas for my creative works.
My creative work always starts with designing an interesting composition that will contain a midway point. Waves, circles, symmetry, and organic patterns - all these are my natural inspiration. My thoughts of splitting and meeting lines, dynamics, and movement come to life in my piece.
The most fascinating thing to me is the encounter between the classical and the organic world when nature creates its wonders in perfect symmetry and harmony.
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