How it all began...

Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated with nature. I admire nature and its perfection, flawless creations, and the incredible symmetry it holds. Nature is definitely my biggest inspiration and it provides me with a lot of ideas for my creative works.

My mother always tells me that even when I was a five-year-old girl I surprised her when I drew the perfect straight lines, freehand without any tool or ruler.

It may sound cliché, but I can remember the moment I realized that being a metalsmith is my calling - There were several weeks when I couldn't work with my hands and on those days I felt that work was burning between my fingers. I was anxious to pound and hammer metal again. When I finally did that I had this wonderful feeling that I found my destiny and that was the moment that I realized that the metalsmith work is a part of me. This creative work with my hands really makes me feel whole and satisfied.

I nurtured my creative talent from childhood and when it was time to choose a profession I chose to study jewelry design.
I graduated from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in 2010, which is ranked 15th out of the top 50 Fashion Schools in the world. I started working as a designer in a number of international factories and companies in Israel and gained a lot of experience and knowledge. A few years later, I began to design and manufacture MY own products.


The way I see the world

My creative work always starts with designing an interesting and perfect composition that will contain a central point. I treat each piece of my jewelry as a small sculpture, referring to all dimensions and how I want it to look from every angle.

Waves, flow, symmetry, and amorphous - all these are my natural inspiration.
My thoughts of splitting and meeting lines, dynamics, and movement come to life in my jewelry. I also love to emulate natural textures in my organic designs, as if they were created and raised as a part of nature. The most fascinating thing to me is the encounter between the classical and the organic world when nature creates its wonders as perfect symmetry and harmony.


The impact of nature leads me to create jewelry in a classic, sculpted, and organic style. Some of my designs combine these styles together, these are my favorites.
The important values that guide me and my work are uniqueness, originality, and comfort. It is important to me that my designs will be contemporary and trendy and yet classic and eternal. As an honor and appreciation for nature, I always choose conflict-free diamonds and ethically sourced precious stones and insists on only selecting the finest precious metals for my designs.

The first time I sold a piece of my jewelry online on my Etsy shop, I couldn't believe that the piece I had manufactured in my small studio crossed the world and arrived to a wonderful woman that still wears it today, it still seems like magic to me!

A passion that has been ingrained in me since childhood has become a living business, that lets me share my greatest pleasure with the world, enjoy making jewelry for people who appreciate my creations, and keep it forever.
For that, I'm happy and grateful every day.

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